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Empowering women to harness their body's wisdom for conscious conception.

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I’m a wife, mama of two, and a Fertility Awareness Educator living my best life in Puerto Rico.

In 2014, my husband and I decided to embark on a transformative health journey. We began to dig deep and rethink what we’re putting in and on our bodies and what we were using around the house.  

We started researching everything about health and made a lot of lifestyle changes. We started eating whole food and replacing our household products with more natural options. Due to a lack of natural solutions, we even began to DIY a lot of products.

But there was still an elephant in the room, and I could feel it in my womb… literally. I was still under hormonal birth control wearing a hormonal IUD, and every cell of me felt like it needed to get out. 

Like everything else in that year, I started researching the most natural birth control (because we were not ready to start having children yet) and I could not find any “better alternative” at my doctor’s office.

It was through the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” that I learned about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). This was a giant wake-up call, and I had my IUD removed later that week.

As I continued learning more and began charting my cycle, I learned so much about myself and my emotions. So many things began to make sense in how aspects of everyday life and how we feel are so deeply rooted in our cycle. I was so grateful for this new knowledge and connection, but a part of me was also frustrated that it had never been taught to me. Right then and there, I promised myself that one day I would teach women and teens about the power that our cycles hold. 

Fast forward to 2024, and I have now been using the FAM charting method for 10 years. In that time, this method helped me avoid pregnancy for many years and provided me with the knowledge to use my own hormonal patterns to conceive our daughters easily in 2018 and NOT so easily 2023. You can read more about my Secondary infertility diagnosis here and what I did to not let that be my faith.  

Furthermore, this profound knowledge has not only deepened my understanding of fertility but has also brought me closer to the sacred essence of womanhood. The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) has allowed me to embrace the divine wisdom of my body and emotions. Through this practice, I’ve learned to honor all the seasons of my fertility, granting myself the gift of rest when needed and aligning my life with the rhythm of my cycle. It has become a sacred self-care practice that has enriched my life in countless ways. This is the empowering wisdom that every woman deserves to access, a path to embracing the sacredness of her fertility journey.

The way I teach the Fertility Awareness Method is unlike any other on the market. While it equips you with the skills to confidently chart and track your cycle to achieve pregnancy, it goes beyond that. My approach also empowers you to connect with your creative power within, unlocking a deeper understanding of your body’s wisdom and the sacred potential of your fertility journey.

It’s designed for transformation. 

I’m here to empower you to embrace your unique and cyclical nature, rooted in the wisdom of your fertility. With body literacy and newfound confidence, you’ll discover the sacred and divine aspects of your femininity that you may not have known before. Your life should beautifully reflect the natural rhythms of your fertility journey, and I’m here to guide you on this transformative path.

Let’s get started.

My Background

I am currently becoming FEMM Certified as a Fertility Awareness Educator. 

I am also a Women’s Circle Facilitator and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition. 

Together, my education and experience provide me with the knowledge to help you uncover your very own divine powers.

Photo of Nessa Ball Fertility Awareness Educator fertility Coach

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