Let’s Talk About YOU first

You are Cyclic. You have the rhythm of the Moon and Earth within you (even if you are not menstruating). 

You are Divine. Your soul is connected to universal consciousness.

You are Wild. You carry the knowledge of the priestess, witches, grand-mother in your vein and you are starting to remember. 

You are a Creator. You carry the creation of the world within you. 

You are Unique. There is no one like you and you are going to do life, motherhood, work, and self-care uniquely.

You are Magic. You hold the power of the universe and can manifest all you desire in this lifetime. 

About Me

nessa ball The Moon Doula

Nessa Ball,

Wife, Mama, Soulpreneur, Spiritual Teacher, Modern Day Witch, Women’s Circle Leader. 

I am obsessed with Women’s Health, The Moon, Mama Earth, Astrology, and Motherhood.

I’ve made it my life purpose to teach women like you the power of magic, and the beauty of the connection with your divine feminine.  The power of Rituals in Motherhood and life event.

I am here to support you, help you hear the voice of your soul, discover your superpowers (in your cycle), as you move towards your most authentic joyful self.

Nessa Ball The Moon Doula

My Story

In 2015, a book changes my life, by changing my relationship with my body and my menstrual cycle. In my mission to live a more holistic/healthy life, I decide that it was time to get in touch with my hazardous cycle, after years of skipping cycles and threading my body and it cycles like an inconvenience. I felt like that was a part of me missing, my feminine energy was not what it should be. I felt the need to reconnect…
I was craving connection with myself, with my body and with the universe. I went on the journey to learn everything about the women cycle and the 4 different phases, and in the process, I got so sad that nobody thought me anything about that. All those years of shamefulness and feeling distant from my divine nature. And right there, I decided that one day I will teach it.
Nessa Ball The Moon Doula
Fast forward being pregnant in 2018 and “losing” my cycle again.
I went deeper into my knowledge of astrology and the moon cycle and through my pregnancy and postpartum, the moon has been my anchor.
Thank you Grand-Mother Moon, for those 25 months (And Counting because my cycle is not back yet) where I have been following your guidance and  gaining wisdom thought your rhythm.
I am here to teach both, we women are nothing short of a divine being and we have been so condition to live a “normal”, 24h rhythm life that follows a more masculine way (patriarchal) of thinking.
You see the masculine energy is more aligned with the sun, so it has a 24h cycle. On the other hand, we are more like the moon and our cycles follow a 28-30 days cycle.
The more I learn about that, the more I understood why we have sisters falling down left and right to mental issues, depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune and hormonal issues.
I believe that the solution is in the re-connection to basic. A return to nature way, to our cycles, to the cycles of mama earth. 
Find your unique rhythm with the Moon.
What is your soul needs right now, at this moment, in this season? 


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