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Aligning with the Moon helps us get grounded and connected with nature in a magical and powerful way.

It also reminds us that we are cyclic beings and that we are constantly changing and evolving.

By honoring our phases, we naturally align with the most authentic version of ourselves using the divine power of our intuition. 

In my experience, harnessing the power of the moon is the most rapid and authentic goals setting and clarity tool for modern mothers. 

Soulful business and lunar living coaching Nessa Ball

Why are we so “Out of Balance“?

Modern Society was set up in a linear way based on a 24h cycle like the Sun. Every morning the energy is replenished and ready for a new day. 

This linear, 24h “hustle” is the norm for the way we do business, study, set goals, mother, and do life in general.

As a result, most of us spend most of our days in that masculine energy because it has become our “default” setting.

Days have become weeks, and years and we have lost connection with our divine self…  

The Solution: The Creation Cycle of Transformation

Women’s true nature is biologically made to cycle through different phases and hormonal states based on a 29-DAYS cycle.

The key elements of this “Moonth” cycle is that there is 4 major energies at play. 

This Cycle is the work of sacred transformation and there are 4 keys elements at play: Growth, Connection, Releasing and Rest. 

All Seasons are important is this wheel of life.

From my experience working with mothers, I strongly believe that this disconnection is one of the reasons why we are experiencing so many hormonal problems, postpartum depression, anxiousness, and overwhelmed.

We just feel like we can’t catch up…

Nessa Ball 4 generations

1-1 Sacred Coaching

First and foremost, Moon Coaching is about reconnecting with your divine self. 

🌱 Using the Creation Cycle of Transformation

🌙  Weaving Lunar Living principles & Soulful Business lessons to guide you. 

🕯️ Using spiritual tools like meditation, visualization, astrology, personality test, and much more. 

Whether you are looking for mentorship, emotional support, or clarity, I offer an individualized approach to fit where you are and where you want to go. 

Are you ready to go deeper into your sacred journey on this beautiful earth and take a shortcut to your dream life?

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