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My Sacred Flow

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Welcome to My Sacred Flow, where you will learn to confidently track and chart your cycle

By focusing on the physiology of the menstrual cycle, you will learn how to use your hormonal phases and patterns to reshape your entire life.

It’s time for you to connect with your womb like never before.

Why chart your cycle?

Charting your cycle holds an infinite number of benefits. Most notably, keeping track of the way your body moves throughout your cycle can provide: 

  • A clearer understanding of your emotions and bodily phases
  • The ability to plan for and avoid pregnancy
  • The ability to coordinate personal and work projects and events with phases of your cycle
  • A deeper understanding of your power as a woman
  • Knowledge surrounding when to expect menstruation and ovulation
  • Knowledge to prepare for hormonal fluctuations 

Inside My Sacred Flow, we will cover specialized topics that will give you the power and tools to begin to see these benefits in your daily life.

Program Overview

Inside My Sacred Flow, we will work together 1:1 through 3 complete cycles.

The program will include the following:

At the end of the program, you will be able to use the FAM method to confidently avoid or achieve pregnancy. Not only that, but you will also be able to use it to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Thank you Nessa for the teaching, guidance, and friendship you give me. I will be forever grateful that I now have a sacred connection to my cycle.
Denise M.
High School Teacher

Program Details

This Program is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to confidently track and chart your cycle. Our 3 1:1 coaching calls are designed to present the information in a simple and empowering way so that you can begin to take charge of your hormonal health.

The teaching calls, weekly check ups, and chart reviews are included in this program to help you build your confidence and knowledge about what is normal for you and to help you discover your own magical power.

Let’s make your monthly flow sacred by empowering you with the knowledge of understanding and predictability so that you can focus on chasing your dreams and creating your dream life.

Program Investment

I am currently in the process of becoming certified with the FEMM association. For that reason, my course is currently being offered at the lowest price ever.

Enroll in My Sacred Flow for the lowest price of $297

For this price, you will have access to:

It’s time for you to radically redefine the stories you’ve been told about your body. 

Let’s work together as you reconnect with the sacredness of your flow.

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