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Sacred Temples

Experience the energy of Sacred Temple during our next Full Moon Circle where you’ll learn how to harness the power of your menstrual cycle to expand the potential of your life. 

Join us every month around the full Moon for a powerful Women’s Circle experience as we call in deep transformation, womb wisdom, clarity and abundance.

Aligning with our menstrual cycle helps us get grounded and connected in a magical and powerful way. It also reminds us that we are cyclical beings and that we are constantly changing and evolving. 

By honoring our phases, we naturally align with the most authentic version of ourselves using the divine power of our intuition. 

In my experience, harnessing the power of your sacred flow is the most rapid and authentic goal setting and clarity tool for female entrepreneur.  It brings focus, confidence and an overall inner-knowing for what you should be doing with your time and energy. 

Simply, it represents THE clear path for your authentic self. It is like a compass for your life and business. 


Sacred Temples Intentions:
  •  Connect with your inner wise woman & the divine feminine within you.
  • Provide a safe container for your authentic self to bloom.
  • Gain practical knowledge about the science and sacredness of charting and tracking your cycle.
Image of Nessa Ball Host of Sacred Temples Full Moon Circle Experience
Event Details

🗓️ March 18th, 10am (EST)

💻 Hosted on Live Stream (Zoom).

⏰ 60 minute gathering

⏺️ A recording will be emailed to you after

🕯️ Plan to be in a quiet and safe place

📖 Bring a journal and a pen

☕ Prepare your favorite drink to sip on

This is for you if…

💫 You are ready to tap into the wisdom of your womb.

💫 You are curious about working with your cycle to reach your ultimate potential.

💫 You are a female entrepreneur who wants to create a soulful life and business.

💫 You want to deepen your intuition to manifest your deepest desires.

💫 You can make a 1 hour commitment.

Image of women circle

Are you ready to align with the most authentic version of yourself?

If so, you should attend our February Moon Circle!

Participant Testimonials

Moon circles with Nessa became the highlight of my month. Each time we gathered Nessa had a great meditation to guide us through, a process that aligned with which moon we had at the time, and held the space I needed to let go of the things I didn’t need.

I became inspired to amp up what was working in my life. My parenting improved, my business became more successful, and my overall feeling of belonging and grounded was all thanks to the ceremonies Nessa held for us.

Thank you Nessa for your love of the moon and teaching me so much about how to harness that energy and keep my strength up through parenting, owning a business or two, and still being me. 😘

Kati H.
Owner Herridge P.M.
Nessa’s full moon circle is magic!

Getting together with women and talking about higher purpose and my deepest dreams was the highlight of my month.

She holds such beautiful space to tap into the full moon energy and to leave feeling rejuvenated and filled up.

I saw benefits in my everyday life of being more connected and grounded.

Kalyn L.
Founder Blooming Palate

I have wonderful memories of the circles led by Nessa!

This incredible collective healing activity felt like a party to the soul in the search for inner balance.

Nessa invites you to a soothing, healing safe space, and with her gentle voice and words of wisdom creates the perfect setting to the energy in new and full moons!

I cannot be any more thankful for these experiences, I felt empowered to look for exactly what my inner self needed and found amazing support from Nessa and our moon sisters for my own healing path.

Veronica C.

Are you ready to align with the most authentic version of yourself?

If so, you should attend our February Moon Circle!

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